The Wright 3 is the second novel by Blue Balliett, author of Chasing Vermeer. We meet Calder, Petra and Tommy again as they team up to save the famous architectural landmark by Frank Lloyd Wright, The Robie House from demolition.

The mystery unfolds as the kids' sixth grade class attempts to save this Hyde Park landmark. Strange events are reported: voices float in the air, shadows shift behind the art glass windows, even the roof moves! Suddenly a well-meaning art restoration project turns into a frightening search for ghosts, hidden treasure, and a coded message left behind by Wright. In this tangled web where life and art intermingle with death and danger, can the kids pursue justice and escape with their lives?

================Summer Reading Assignments:=====================

1. Read the book and enjoy trying to solve the mystery.

2. Complete a Plot Sheet, click here to print.

3. Choose one of the following projects:

  1. Map the Setting - create a large map of the setting, clearly label all of the important sites.
  2. Create a travel brochure highlighting one of the landmarks mentioned in this book. example
  3. Create an art glass window using pentominoes - be creative, use multimedia.