The Girl Who Owned A City

The Girl Who Owned A City By: O.T. Nelson

When a plague sweeps over the Earth killing everyone except children under twelve, ten-year-old Lisa organizes a group to rebuild a new way of life. The story takes place in Chicago and is a touching story of survival set against many challenges.

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Your Summer Assignment:

1. Read the book and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

2. In order to understand and enjoy this book, make sure you know the meaning of the following vocabulary words:

  • suburban, urban, rural, echo, odor, looting, plague, vaccine, tantrum, vague, coward, anxious, bewildered, wound, orphan

  • To help you remember the meanings,you might want to make vocabulary cards for unfamiliar words.

3. Choose from one of the following prove-it projects:

  • Create a poster of the setting.

  • Create a 2-dimensional model of the city.

  • Make a timeline of 10 events and label clearly.

4. Please complete the story plot sheet given by Mrs. Richardson in June.

  • If you loose the sheet you can download the PDF the summer reading page titled, Plot Sheet and print a blank copy.

I sincerely hope you love this book!!! Please feel free to e-mail us at anytime with questions that you may have.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Mrs. Richardson

The Girl Who Owned a City
The Girl Who Owned a City