The Misfits, by James Howe

Best friends for years, Bobby,Skeezie, Addie and Joe have been the target of taunts and name-calling and now that they're in seventh grade, they're not about to take it any more. The four "misfits" tell a story of friendship, individuality and the true meaning of diversity. It's a fast and funny read that will make you think and laugh-out-loud. Enjoy!
James Howe is the celebrated author of many books including Bunnicula; Pinky and Rex;and The Watcher. Howe has his own distinct brand of humor that creates an emotional connection to a wide range of audiences.

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Your Summer Assignment


1. Read the book and enjoy it! Fill out the PLOT SHEET.
2. Select at least 2 questions from this list and post a one paragraph response for each.
a. Why is the slogan "Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will break our spirit", such an effective one? What does it mean?
b. Bobby says, "I decided that after about the age of three, that life is not simple." (p. 193) How is life complicated for the Gang of Five?
c. The ending of The Misfits gives a glimpse into the Gang of Five's f
uture. Can you try to predict how your circleof friends at school will end
up one day? After finishing the story, do you thin Addie, Bobby, Skeezie
and Joe really are misfits?
d. Celebrating one's individuality is a strong theme throughout The Misfits. Talk about one of the characters and how they show their individuality.
e. Examine and discuss the following pairings: Bobby and Mr. Kellerman, Addie and Mrs. Wyman, Joe and Colin. How are they different? How are they alike?
3. Pick one of the following "Prove-It" Projects. Some are listed on the Summer Reading "Home" Page:
a. Create a poster for a new political party for a school election. The poster needs to include what the party
stands for and a party logo. This porject is my version of Project 13.
b. Project 6: Pretend you are one of the characters and present a monologue in written form that reveals your
personality, special talents or feelings.
c. Project 11: Character Tie - SYMBOLISM project - follow directions. Visit the website for more insight to this awesome book and see what comes next for the Gang of Five!