by Jerry Spinelli

Do you love a "summer read" with drama and romance? Meet the 'hot couple' at Mica Area High School - Stargirl and her "Starboy" - can their relationship survive high school? This novel is one of my favorites - this book is amazing and will not disappoint!

*All students are required to complete A, B, & C:

A. What is the theme of Stargirl? (There are several, pick one.)

Create a “Bumper Sticker” using words and image(s) that gets this message across.

(What life lesson can you take from this book? What generalization can you take from the story? What is one ‘moral’ of the story?)

B. Complete a plot sheet/story map (Home page)

C. Complete just ONE of the following 'Fun Activities':

1. Create a poster comparing MAHS and URS MS

Compare & contrast poster - MAHS to URS MS

Compare and contrast your school with Mica Area High School, based on this observation by Leo from page 10:

Mica Area High School — MAHS — was not exactly a hotbed of nonconformity. There were individual variants here and there, of course, but within pretty narrow limits we all wore the same clothes, talked the same way, ate the same food, listened to the same music. Even our dorks and nerds had a MAHS stamp on them. If we happened to somehow distinguish ourselves, we quickly snapped back into place, like rubber bands.”

Compare/contrast individuals (students, teachers, parents) – Setting – Conflicts – Mood –- Use 6-8 adjectives and 5-6 symbols in your representations.

2. Write a song/poem, using specifics from the novel as evidence, to support or refute this statement:

The problem between Leo and Stargirl was that Leo didn’t really love Stargirl.

The song/poem does NOT have to rhyme.

3. Create a CHARACTER poster (11 x14 or bigger) - on the poster place the character in her/his setting and surround the character with important story elements from the novel. Use both words and symbols to represent the characters, setting, conflict, climax, resolution.

*Read and ENJOY this book over the summer!
*Every book club member will be required to complete the ‘Theme Bumper Sticker,’ a plot/story map, and one ‘Fun Activity’ by the first full day of school in August.
*Be ready to share your thoughts on the 3 'Discussion Questions' posted when we meet to discuss the novel in August when we meet.
Mrs. Wilk ;-)