Summer Reading

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By Carl Hiaasen

Book Summary
Roy Eberhardt recently moved from beautiful Montana to the swampy mishmash of Miami, and he's not thrilled about the change. He misses his old home, and the biggest, meanest bully of all, Dana Matherson, has taken a dislike to him. But on the bus, Roy catches a glimpse of a barefoot kid racing down the sidewalk. When he sees the boy a second time, he punches out Dana and pursues the kid (called Mullet Fingers, for a reason that will become evident late in the book).

"Hoot" is a hoot, but it's also a charmingly serious novel. Kids will like Roy and the effective but realistic tactics he uses for his cause, and adults will like the thought-provoking storyline and quirky humor.

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Assignment Options:

Choose one of the two options below.

Map the Setting
The several settings in this book are essential to understanding and enjoying the story.
  1. Draw a map of the setting, and Label the important places.
  2. Describe important events that happen at each setting.
Travel Brochure
This book talks specifically about tourism, in both positive and negative ways.
  1. Make a color travel brochure for Coconut Cove based on the setting.
  2. You can use a travel brochure from a travel agency or online as a guide. Example #1 Example #2
  3. Your travel brochure can be made in a way that Roy would want, or like Mother Paula's Pancake House would like.