Define 'Normal' by Julie Ann Peters

Define Normal book cover.png

Antonia is a middle school student who decides to participate in the new peer counseling program at school. But she has no idea what will happen when she learns the person she's supposed to counsel is Jasmine Luther. "Jazz" is anything but Antonia's fellow peer. She's a punker, a druggie, a gang hanger.

As their peer counseling sessions progress, Antonia and Jazz discover they have more in common than they could ever have imagined.

Can a "normal" person like Antonia trust a "weird punker" like Jazz?

What do you think?

Summer assignment:

1. Read the book!

2. Ask me any questions that you may have

3. Fill out a plot sheet

4. Join the GoogleDoc to have discussions with me. Answer at least 2 of the questions throughout the summer (a 5-7 sentence response for each)

5. Pick one of the following projects:

Create a VennDiagram
This should be a poster that defines all types of 'normal.' One circle of the Venn Diagram is for Antonia, one is for Jazz, and one is for YOU. Use pictures from magazines, newspapers, photos of you and your family/friends, words... anything you want to describe Jazz, Antonia, and yourself (so it can look like a collage). This should show the similarities and differences between the two characters and you.

Create an advice column for a newspaper
You have just landed the job as the 'advice columnist' for your local paper. Jazz and Antonia each submit a problem and they need advice; you also submit your own question/problem (meaning that you write the problem statements - one from Jazz's point of view, one from Antonia's point of view, and one as yourself). Then, either swap with a partner or write your own responses to each of the problem statements/questions/concerns. Make sure to create this like a newspaper, so include images if you think they're helpful to your newspaper page.