A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn

Hey.....read this!!

"What is that?" She points to the numbers on the shirt.
"The year. Old Navy puts the year on the all their flag T-shirts. It's sort of a racket, I guess- you have to buy a new one every year."
"That...is...the year?" She looks sort of sick. Her face is suddenly almost the same color green as her eyes. She begins to sob again. "Oh, my... oh, no." She crumples back onto the floor as, as she was when I first saw her. "It cannot be true. It cannot."
I kneel beside her. "What's the matter now? I thought you were fine."
She looks at me, then starts screaming. "Fine? Fine? I have been asleep nearly three hundred years!"

Sooooooooo, what do you think? Sounds really intriguing and fantastic, right? I can't wait for you to enjoy one of my summertime favorites! There's nothing better than a magical kiss that transcends through centuries.

*Fun Book Club Activity (Option # 14):
Create a sassy, stylish character t-shirt for the two main characters, Jack and Talia. The front side would represent Talia (ladies and princesses first), and the back of the t-shirt would symbolize Jack.

What do I include on my t-shirt?
  • Character's Name
  • Setting from which the character comes from
  • 6-8 adjectives that would best describe the overall character
  • 3 main symbols that would most accurately represent the whole character
  • 2- 3 key quotes said by the character that truly express his/her personality
(Make sure to design each side of the shirt with the specific character in mind. Select colors and styles that Talia and Jack would want to wear. )

*Every book club member will be required to make the character t-shirt and complete a plot/story map by the first full day of the 2010/2011 school year in August.

Happy reading, so enjoy this summer romance!